Who are the Biggest African Hip Hop Stars?

Who are the Biggest African Hip Hop Stars?

There is a great improvement in the entertainment industry in Africa as the years go by. Previously, music was not highly embraced in Africa as it was in the western culture. Africa has become the home of great hip hop stars who have taken music to the next level. The artists have varying skills which they employ in their songs to bring out some of the best songs in the world. Some of the big celebrated hip hop stars in Africa include:

Cassper Nyovest


He is a South African artist who constantly wins his fans though his songs which he releases one after another. He has sung songs like; “Doc Shebeleza” which he released in the year 2014. He recently made headlines when he used a floating platform in one of his shows. He is so far the first artist to hold a show with a filled 20,000 capacity stadium. However, and AKA artist have the greatest beef in the history of entertainment.



This is yet another great rapper who comes from Ghana and has been said to be the 19th most persuasive artist. He set records when he recorded with Ace hood and he also won the awards for best international act in the African category back in 2012. Aside from music, Sakoide is also an entrepreneur.



This is yet another South African artist who entered the music industry ten years ago. He was in a group known as Teargas, which consisted of three members. He has a partnership in a music and entertainment company known as Cashtime Life. Recently, he has become solo artist which he has managed successfully.

These are few of the African Biggest Hip Hop stars among many others who have great hits.


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