Getting radio time in Africa


Musicians around the world are constantly seeking to have their content on much airplay as possible. One platform that surpasses the test of time is radio, given that people in remote areas rely on it greatly. Playing your music on radio thus give you an extra audience hence a wider following. However getting radio time is quite a challenge in most regions including Africa. Musicians are in a very competitive industry, therefore, creating a scramble for playtime. If you are looking to play your music in Africa then the following tips will come in handy.

Identify suitable stations and approach program directors

The first step as an artist or a manager is to list down ideal radio stations for your content. Radio stations/shows have differences in target audience and genres that they play. It’s necessary to ensure that your content aligns with the scope of operation of any given station. Thereafter arrange a meeting with program creators or radio directors. Going the extra mile and advertising your music is a sure way of securing airplay. This is especially important for new artists. Program creators have a direct line access and control on music play. Make sure you’re well prepared, because they have an in-depth knowledge of everything musical, and have heard hundreds of other pitches.

Social media drive

We cannot ignore the power of social networks. Africa has a robust movement on social platforms, therefore, a social media team may pull the trick. Driving your content through shares will make the content noticeable. Additionally, you can regularly share your music on radio show’s online networking platforms. A coordinated drive will result in better outcome.

Direct upload

Some radio stations allow for direct upload of audios on their web platforms. This is one of the best tools out there due to its simplicity. Such stations describe the format in which files can be uploaded. This trend may spread widely thus encouraging more artist to get a slice of airplay in Africa.  All else failing, just use Soundcloud to get your music out there and build a fanbase.


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