What are the biggest African radio stations?


Despite Africa being regarded as a developing continent, it has made some notable progress in the broadcasting and media industry. As a result, many radio stations have come have in different cities and below we are bringing you a list of some of the biggest radio stations in Africa. The list has been formulated based in the traffic that a given radio station attracts in its area of operation.

Metro FM

This radio station is owned by SABC and it streams from Johannesburg. It is known for its urban beats and it was established back in October 1986. So far, this radio station is attracting over 5 million listeners and it mainly targets the “Black Adult” audience.

5 FM

This radio station targets all the sectors, ethnic groups and races found in Africa. Its main target audience is the mid-aged people and the youth. It normally focuses on the international music style and broadcast in English language. It brides itself of top DJs and is located within South Africa.

Ukhozi FM

This radio station was founded back in 1960. It normally broadcast in the Zulu language and its target audience is the youth onwards. It brides itself of attracting an audience of more than 6.38 people. When switched on this radio station, you can listen to current affairs, traffic updates, weather forecast, sports, educational programs news, music and talk shows.


This is a youth oriented radio station which was established back in 1997. It is regarded as the house of entertainment and it publishes a Y Mag, which is a magazine that targets the youth audience.

Good Hope FM

This radio station is based in Cape Town and was established back in 1985. Its target audience is people who are aged between 22-35 years.

It should be noted that Africa as a whole has many vibrant radio station with the above list only provided a few of them. Irrespective of the city you visit in Africa, you are assured of coming across several radio stations with a different target audience.


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