What are a couple of the best music industry insider blogs?


Avid readers will appreciate blogs that offer insight on the music industry. Leading writers have covered the topic for years now. That has contributed to the ongoing popularity of the blogs themselves. Get to know the writers and their opinions regarding the music industry. That offers insight in to the people who have shaped these performers and their lives. True fans of the music industry are proud of their recording artists. Join their ranks and contribute to the ongoing blog effort.


Music Business Worldwide is an excellent choice for the smart reader. The blog offers insight from a business perspective, instead of just an entertainment blog. Fans of the industry will want to check in on the status of their performers. What are a couple of the best music industry insider blogs? Read Music Business Worldwide to stay connected going forward. The site features great links and reliable resources for use.


Music Think Tank is another great blog for readers to consider. Their writers ask tough questions about recording artists and actually find the answers. They also explain concepts such as song licensing, helping readers understand the recording industry in full. Blog posts will address tough concepts, including divisions between band members on the rise. That could explain why bands tend to break up over time. True fans of the recording industry need to read Music Think Tank.

Feel free to contribute to these blogs whenever possible. Create a user profile and join with the team that composes blog posts. Many users choose to leave feedback for each post uploaded online. Join the discussion and voice a new opinion about the topic at hand. Some users are proud of the influence that they carry online. It could sway opinions and the subject matter being discussed at these popular online blogs.


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